About us

Káhyra is a national brand highly renowned for its clothing collections and accessories with an Andalusian nature -inspired by flamenco- and an explosion of colours, fabrics, embroidery and print styles. Our catalogue is aimed at very feminine and elegant women that like to stand out.

Kahyra is established in 2002 as a project of wholly-owned stores with a unique concept and strongly focused on the feminine and fashion-passionate woman of today.

Following its great success, it decides to strengthen the brand káhyra by means of sales in multi-brand stores as well as exhibiting in national and international trade fairs. Today, Kahyra is present in 600 retail stores throughout Spain and has opened new markets abroad, such as in Mexico, the USA, Italy, Portugal, etc.

We are a young team, passionate about fashion and with a sole objective:

Satisfying our customers with our activity.

Acerca de Kahyra